Does solar water heating save money?

Is Solar Water Heating Worth It? Solar Thermal Pros and Cons

Solar water heating is worth it if you have the space and budget for a solar collector installation. The return on investment can be anywhere from five to eight years, depending upon your location in relation with sunlight hours per year (more sun equals faster ROI).

High energy density lithium ion cells

What Do I Need To Know About Lithium Batteries?

Lithium batteries are rechargeable and can be used over a long period of time. They’re also lightweight, which is great for all your portable devices. Lithium has the highest energy density out there when it comes to battery power so they’re perfect in this regard too – you’ll get more juice per weight.

What goes into a solar PV system?

Home Solar Electric PV System

A Solar Electric Photovoltaic (PV) System converts sunlight into electricity. It consists of an array of solar panels, mounting structure, one or more inverters for converting AC to DC and monitoring equipment. The system can be connected to the utility grid (grid-tie) or independent (off-grid), in which case batteries are used.

Are wind turbines worth it_featured image

Are Wind Turbines Worth The Money? Off-Grid Wind Energy

Wind turbines are worth the money if your location has 80% uninterrupted wind that blows at a speed of more than 5 meters a second. Wind turbines combined with solar are worth the investment, as often the sun shines when the wind doesn’t blow, and vice versa.

What is tiny house living - featured

Tiny Houses Popular? – Tiny Living Tips, Pros and Cons

Tiny houses are small homes that can be built from scratch or bought as a prefabricated kit. They range in size from 120 sq ft to 400 square feet and are becoming more popular across the United States with people tired of living in cramped apartment buildings.